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Aykaz GazaryanApril 15, 2020
We are happy to announce that last night our team moved the entire AsapProduce operation from Pushkin Restaurant to our second location in the City Heights area. 
The Grandstand is an 8,000 sq foot space with an amazing refrigeration system and has a private 50 car parking lot for those who want to pick up their groceries fast, without the downtown parking issues. We are more central now which should lower delivery costs and speed up delivery time to most of our customers. 
Our vision is to create a supermarket like a store where all the products are high-grade restaurant supplies but with one exception, we do NOT allow shoppers inside the store, ( delivery or pick up only).
All of your groceries and products are carefully packaged by our employees wearing protective gear and delivered to you by our drivers ( who do not work for any other delivery service but for us) wearing that same protective gear.
Thank you, 
Your ASAP Produce

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