Why is Grocery Delivery Service Better Than Going to Stores?

Why is Grocery Delivery Service Better Than Going to Stores?

Aykaz GazaryanMay 08, 20201 comment

Remember the time you were just leaving the parking lot after 2 hours of shopping only to realize you forgot to pick up diapers for your kid?

We’ve all been there. Our lives have become busier with time and it is really hard to keep a tab on missing supplies in our homes. It is harder to go out and visit a supermarket every time you need something, especially due to the present COVID-19 pandemic.

Well, you don’t need to.

Today, you have the facilities to get things done at a click of a button, and shopping isn’t an exception. In this post, we are going to share some of the benefits of home grocery delivery service that will compel you to stay safe and stay home without compromising with your essential and non-essential needs.

Let’s get started!

How Does the Grocery Delivery Model Works?

Before we head on to list the benefits of grocery delivery services, we should know how this business model functions.

Well, there are three ways grocery delivery businesses work:

  • The grocery delivery service provider ties up with offline grocery vendors and builds an online marketplace where customers can choose which vendor they want the products to be bought and delivered to their doorstep.
  • The grocery delivery service can only put up the grocery items and not mention the vendors. People can choose what they want and the quantity of the products. The grocery delivery service will then buy the groceries from their vendors and deliver them to you.
  • Offline grocery store owners build their own online grocery delivery business and provide customers with a website or an app to order online. Everything from warehousing to logistics is handled by the store owners.

  • Top Benefits of Home Grocery Delivery Service

    Here are the top benefits of using grocery delivery services to buy groceries for your home in 2020. Let’s discuss them in detail.

    • Stay Safe During COVID-19 Pandemic

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government wants you to stay at home and help flatten the curve. The coronavirus is likely to stay here for the next 18-20 months and it is important that you pay attention to the government’s health guidelines issued from time to time. Although the quarantine will most definitely be over one day, the onus of keeping yourself safe is completely on you. Thus, using grocery delivery services is the best way to beat the coronavirus and enjoy a normal life. 

    • Experience Same Great Prices and Sale at Home

    If you have been shopping online, you would have experienced that the number of sales and steep price drops happen more in online stores than in supermarkets. By using grocery delivery services, you will experience great prices and sales at home and save a lot of money without having to step outside. The online stores run discount offers for regular customers as well.

    • Buy in Bulk with Ease

    One of the best ways to save money while shopping for groceries is to buy in bulk. Offline shoppers or the supermarket goers often try not to buy in bulk because they will have to put all the stuff in their cart and carry the heavy weights around the market and then put everything in their car. That’s a lot of effort. The fact that you are paying companies for the products and also doing all the hard work to get the products home doesn't make any sense. With online grocery delivery services, you can order in bulk and get your groceries delivered at your doorstep. Not just that, you will avoid making multiple trips to the store when you buy in bulk.

    • Save on Gas and Parking Costs

    As we mentioned earlier, you don’t need to step outside your home to get groceries anymore. Gone are the days when you had to make a list of products you need, dress up, drive your car to the supermarket, find a parking space, and pay for it as well. That’s just too much money being wasted. You can save on gas and parking costs significantly when you choose to get the groceries delivered at your home. These savings might seem very small at the moment. Do it for a year and you will know what we are talking about.

    • Purchase Whenever You Want

    Also, you don’t have to worry about the ‘right time’ to go to the grocery store. We all try to time our arrival at the store with perfection but end up pushing making a fool of ourselves. There will never be a time when you don’t have a rush in the grocery store, especially during these testing times. When it comes to buying groceries online, you have the freedom to buy whenever you want because most of the online grocery stores are open 24/7. Not just that, you can also choose when you want the groceries to be delivered. It’s just so much more convenient.

    • Avoid Standing in a Line for Checkout

    Ugh! The line at the grocery store checkout counter. It annoys everyone, right? Well, just order online and the grocery delivery services will get you your favorite products. It’s better to buy groceries from your couch or office than waiting in line for the cashier to process payments of hundreds of thousands of people standing in front of you. Don’t lose your peace - just go online.

    Over to You

    There you have it. We are living in tough times. With the whole COVID-19 situation, it will become more and more common to see people using online grocery delivery apps. However, customers must make sure they are using the right grocery delivery service as. The good thing is that you will have a number of options to choose from as home grocery delivery gains popularity.

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